About Bursa

Bursa, Turkey's second largest exporter city, offers a suitable investment environment with its advanced infrastructure, dynamic entrepreneurs and high business quality. Bursa, which is the 4th highest income level of Turkey with per capita national income, performs better than Turkey and EU with the unemployment rate below 8%. Bursa, one of the most important stops of the historical Silk Road, is one of the first 5 cities in terms of socio-economic development level.

Having the vision of establishing Turkey's first organized industrial zone, Bursa has a strong production infrastructure in textile, automotive, machinery, furniture and agriculture. Bursa, which plays a crucial role in Turkey's exports, carries out 10 percent of Turkey's exports. Bursa's exports worth about $ 4 per kilogram are exported to approximately 200 countries.

In Bursa, which hosts many different sectors, the machinery sector also has a very strong infrastructure. In 2016, Bursa, which reached the export figure of approximately 550 million dollars in the machinery sector, realized 10% of the exports of machinery and equipments of Turkey.

There are nearly 1000 international investors in 21 industrial zones in Bursa together with world giants such as Fiat, Bosch, Renault, Coca Cola and Nestle. Bursa transforms its production experience and strong industry into strategic sectors such as space, aviation and defense under the leadership of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Bursa, where more than 1.5 billion people live in a 3 hour flight, offers important logistical opportunities with its strategic geographical location providing transit connections and investments in sea, land, air and railway integration.

Bursa has a high potential in terms of tourism, congress, thermal, health, history and faith tourism as well as winter and nature sports, as well as strong industrialization.



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