President’s Message

Bursa, as the 2nd largest exporting city of Turkey acts as the locomotive city for reaching the economic goals of our country with exports to over 180 countries and about 1000 foreign investors. Efforts of the representatives of our business world lie behind this economic success of Bursa.

The existence of a stable industry and economy is possible only by way of a powerful machinery industry. Today, machinery sector is one of the most dynamic sectors leading the economy of our city and country. Our machinery sector that is very important for Turkish economy with its high added value and developing technology reached a competitive position in the international market.

The needs of our country as the 6th largest machinery producer in Europe will be met only by way of high technology machinery sectors with their high added values.

Bursa has an important strength in our sector with an almost complete integration with the world in production, marketing, export and trade. Our city that meets about 10 percent of the total sector export with an export value per kilogram of 6 dollars makes significant contributions to our country reaching its future goals.

The R&D, innovation and design based added value approaches of our sector representatives instead of conventional production will play a significant role in reaching the future goals of our city.

As BTSO, the umbrella organization of the Bursa business world, we aim to carry our sector higher with its high added value production goals. In this scope, our Development Projects for Increasing International Competition (UR-GE) supported by our Ministry of Economy guides our companies for opening up to the world.

The foreign trade volume of our companies increases every day thanks to our Ur-Ge projects through which we strengthen the competitiveness and brand identity of our companies.

The Juniokids brand that emerged by way of significant efforts through our Baby and Children Ready Wear Sector Ur-Ge project has been accepted all over the world. Just like Juniokids, I belive that the new brand of our machinery sector representatives, Master Machinery Cluster (MMC) will pioneer the growth of our sector with a common goal.

The 28 companies that are part of the Master Machinery Cluster took part in the education and purchase committee organizations thus strengthening their competitive identities and accelerating the added value production of our city.

As BTSO, we believe that we will continue putting our signature below significant successes of Bursa together with the representatives of our machinery sector. We will increase the foreign trade volume of our machinery sector companies and strengthen their corporate identities.

I hereby wish that these works and projects adding value to our machinery sector carried out as part of the “Bursa Grows, Turkey Grows” vision shall be beneficial and thus send my regards.

İbrahim BURKAY

BTSO Chairman of the Executive Board



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